a b o u t - m e

My name’s Ana Claudia, but my nick name is Duda. My father called me when I was a child. I prefer called Duda, so nice to me you! :)

I’m 24 years old. My Birthday is March 30 th. Oh God, almost 25!

I’m a Brazilian girl and I live in Curitiba. I’m an only child but I have four dogs, and sometimes I say they are my little brothers. Lol

I’m graduated in Graphic design and I’ve been working at L i b r i s Editora, there I made children’s books. I love photography and I love spent my time taking photos! I’m studying architecture and interior design and I will finish in 2014. Is a nice course but I don’t imagine working with this. Are you asking, Why am I studying this? The answer is simple: I love to learn new things!

 I love chocolate! But I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t eat a pot of Nutella at a time. What a pitty! LOL

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